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Allie Pastore

Allie  Pastore
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      Meet Allie, Owner & CEO of The Alder Group, a top 2% ranked Real Estate Team in Southern Arizona. With a native’s insight into Tucson’s market, Allie blends sarcasm with professionalism, creating a unique and successful approach to real estate.

      Partnered with Deric, The Alder Group stands out for more than just its rankings. Allie’s distinct style- a fusion of humor and expertise, makes real estate transactions not only efficient but also enjoyable.

      Beyond the world of real estate, Allie serves on The Care Fund Advisory Council, reflecting a commitment to community and philanthropy. This dual focus on professional success and social responsibility defines Allie’s dynamic approach to business and life.

      Rooted in a unique background, Allie grew up helping their dad on a ranch in Craig, Colorado. This early experience instilled a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for hard work, values that continue to shape Allie’s success in the real estate industry.

      In her hands, The Alder Group is more than a real estate team; it’s a testament to personalized, strategic, and successful property transactions. With sharp wit, a commitment to excellence, and a heart for community, Allie continues to redefine success in Southern Arizona’s real estate landscape.

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